Rachel Song

Just to give you guys an idea of what mah room looks like.

Picnic in the president’s backyard… these photos don’t do the quality of the food justice.

First impressions…

Holy crap these first two weeks have been pretty freaking overwhelming. I mean just introducing myself over and over again is pretty exhausting. I guess my sponsor group is pretty cool (sponsor group = hall mate group). I didn’t think I’d experience it but I’m actually having a bit of a culture shock. To put it bluntly… there are so many non-Asians. And it’s not like I wasn’t expecting it, it’s just harder to relate than I thought it would be. There are so many things that I’ve taken for granted at Lynbrook that come with cultural similarities. I feel like I have to be a lot more careful with how I explain things because there some things aren’t mutually understood.

Also holyyyyy Pomona is SO SO SO LIBERAL. I had nooo idea it would be like this. And yeah it’s not a bad thing, it just kind of comes as a shock. We’re all about diversity and we’re helllaaa pro-LGBTQ. Like the first thing we did when we introduced ourselves was say if we identified with she/her or he/him. And then we had like a 3 hour lecture on diversity… racial, socioeconomic, religious, documentation… it was pretty eye-opening. But it just feels like it’s being shoved down my throat. And ironically, the one thing that Pomona lacks is political or ideological diverisity. Just to play devil’s advocate here, what about the conservatives? There ideology isn’t necessarily wrong… it’s just another form of diversity you know? I feel really bad for anyone who is having a hard time adjusting to this sort of liberal environment. Then again, maybe they wouldn’t have been accepted in the first place.

These first two days have been so jam-packed and I wish we had more down time to just sit in my dorm. Part of me feels guilty for not going out and being more social because I feel like I’m missing out on making friends… I still haven’t quite found my niche yet. Friends who I’m truly close with. But sometimes I just want to lay on my bed and relax. (Without the presence of ants oh my god had our first ant infestation today it was terrible I’m so grossed out.)

Anyway so far so good… besides the ants. I’m leaving for our backpacking trip tomorrow which is pretty exciting yeeeee.

Said all my goodbyes today… last night at home in my comfy large bed. Just need to pack a few more things.

This was candid. Not sure how my face unintentionally ended up like that.

An unexpected motif on indigo-dyed undies. 

LOLLOL this is kinda inappropriate but too funny to resist. Coincidentally I was looking up sunprinting and bleach projects too.


An unexpected motif on indigo-dyed undies

LOLLOL this is kinda inappropriate but too funny to resist. Coincidentally I was looking up sunprinting and bleach projects too.

Took this little baby to the vet today.
Iggy the Hippie Hippopotamus

aweitolovelife said: does your head feel lighter now ms. my-hair-weighs-a-thousand-pounds

Yes, yes it does ms. my-hair-does-not-weigh-a-thousand-pounds-but-is-awesomely-dyed-red-soon-to-be-blonde