Rachel Song

aweitolovelife said: does your head feel lighter now ms. my-hair-weighs-a-thousand-pounds

Yes, yes it does ms. my-hair-does-not-weigh-a-thousand-pounds-but-is-awesomely-dyed-red-soon-to-be-blonde

Hurrrrcut. I look drastically different depending on if I leave my hair in front of or behind my shoulders.

Difficult decision but I bought my own gear today!

Here Are All the Ivy-Educated Zombies on the New Republic’s Masthead
We asked the very basic question: Where did The New Republic’s authors attend college, following their piece encouraging others to avoid the Ivies.

Read this.
Framed collage of all the business cards I collected at the craft fair.

Full day adventure in SF:

1) Rooftop garden hopping: Not as great as I hoped because apparently a lot of buildings are closed on the weekends. Nevertheless we still got to visit two of the four. AND WE SAW JOHN LEGEND WALKING HIS DOG ON THE STREETS OF SF. It took me 5 minutes to process that it was him and thus did not get a photo but I’m pretty sure it was him :O

2) Ramen festival: We arrived in Japantown at around 11:45 and beat the immediate baby bullet CalTrain rush. But somehow we still got stuck in line for 3+ hours. Meanwhile I bought a “chimney cake” to nom on while waiting. I can proudly say that we were among the few who actually got ramen though! Worth it? Eh… not really in my opinion but the others disagree.

3) Renegade craft fair: Err basically a dream come true?!?! I could die happily here. Browsed the aisles and aisles of goodies. Cried on the inside at the exorbitant prices and smiled like a fangirl on the outside at the adorable crafts. In the end I got my long sought-out billy button flowers and a succulent art print (and a lot of beautifully designed business cards!)

4) Accidental Golden Gate Bridge visit: We intended to go to the Wave Organ but got off one stop too late. Oops.

Planet Granite certified! Hit me up for rock climbing.

Doing meaningful things! Made raspberry pancakes with Connor, and peanut butter shortbread teabag cookies and honey lavender lemon cupcakes with Allie and Aaron. Finished the day with some intense indoor rock climbing too!

I need to do more shit in my life.

I’ve literally been watching the days pass and this is not how I want to spend my last summer vacation. The beginning of break was GREAT but now I need to get off my lazy ass and do more meaningful things.