Rachel Song

Matcha overload via care package from home. (Technically from Japan while my parents were vacationing.)

I don’t know yet… and that’s okay!

Because for once I finally feel like I can be uncertain, about anything really, and not be scrutinized for it. Like what the hell I don’t know what I want to major in yet. Or what my career interests are. Or even specific things like no, I DON’T get why DNA replication has a lagging strand that replicates in Okazaki fragments. (Well now I do.) For now, I’m just here to absorb all this information.

But the more I think about it, how does anyone really know what they want to do for the rest of their life? Why does neuroscience and molecular biology stand out as a more probable major than chemistry or biology for you? How do you know you want to work in the health field rather than the tech field? Is it simply because you don’t like math? Is it because you got an A in biology and a B in calculus? And what constitutes passion honestly? Why is it that I feel so impartial towards everything? I’ve never felt truly riveted by anything. Maybe I’m thinking too much, trying too hard to sense if I like something or not. But I would hate to plan my future on a whim or simply by a gut feeling.

And so after being at Pomona for a little more than a month now, I’ve realized that deciding anything should really be about evaluating yourself. Which seems kind of obvious at first but now I finally understand what Ms. McCown was saying about how you choosethe college. And the same goes for choosing a major, choosing a career… etc. Because ultimately you’re deciding what corresponds with your values and whether or not you’ll be comfortable. I’ve become so accustomed to choosing the “right” answers - writing applications that appeal to the reader in hopes of being selected, checking certain boxes on personality quizzes that will get me matched to a career in medicine - that I didn’t bother to question if that was what I really wanted.

So first things first, I’m trying to understand myself better. They say that no one knows you better than yourself but I disagree. I wish I could analyze myself externally, as if I was a character of the many APLIT novels that we had to read. Rip apart my motivations and consciousness to see what’s really going on in my mind.

So moral of the story… figure out yourself before anything else.

The closest I’ll ever get to a Sam Smith concert?? Zac from American Authors was pretty great too :]

Last 2 days holy shit!

(woke up too late for breakfast)


  • tofu stir fry
  • noodles
  • vegetable spring rolls
  • roasted beets

I guess Asian imitation food can be vegan??


  • Thai lettuce wrap
  • breaded tofu cutlet
  • moar potatoes
  • moar potatoes in form of curly fries
  • vegan caramel vanilla cupcake

Tofu cutlet suspiciously tastes like chicken…


  • vegan strawberry banana smoothie
  • tofu scramble ugh
  • potatoes in form of tater tots
  • grapes
  • pineapple

No more potatoes pleaasseee


  • spinach salad
  • guac on guac on more guac
  • sauteed rainbow chard!
  • tacos w/ rice

Guacamole saves the day~ No more of that extra dollar shit from Chipotle, I get unlimited guac here.


  • mixed rice… omg the grains were so long
  • tostada
  • moar spinach…
  • vegan apple pie!

AND I’M DONEEEEE!! So in conclusion… this was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Veganism certainly doesn’t equate with a healthier diet because I definitely ate a lot more starchy foods and the vegan desserts were usually caked with cinnamon. I felt hungrier throughout the day from the lack of protein and tended to eat larger portions. BUT I can definitely see why vegans choose their lifestyle because of ethical reasons rather than health reasons. So glad I’m done… I will be bingeing on yogurt and nonvegan dessert tomorrow :)

Day 4


  • getting real tired of this tofu shit
  • oddly shaped triangular potato thing
  • cinnamon raisin bread
  • pineapples
  • strawberries
  • oatmeal w/ granola, banana chips and blueberries

Ooookay I’m getting tired of the same breakfast foods day after day. It’s funny that Pomona thinks they can reinvent their meals by changing the shape of their potatoes… cubed potatoes to triangular potatoes to hash browns to wedges… yeah they’re still potatoes guys. And wow I had oatmeal by choice for the first time today!


  • burrito w/ lettuce, onion, black beans, corn, and guacamole
  • vegan coconut vanilla cupcake
  • smuggled pita bread for the hummus I bought from the farmer’s market

The burrito was pretty good. :] They were serving hot fudge brownies today… god I was so tempted to cave.

Day 3


  • hash browns
  • moar tofu scramble
  • sauteed greens and mushrooms
  • pineapple
  • grapefruit
  • vegan chocolate pudding

I realized I was getting desperate when I reached for the pudding… I HATE pudding. And after a couple bites I remembered why.


  • penne w/ marinara
  • steamed cauliflower and broccoli
  • rye toast w/ peanut butter
  • spinach salad

There was cheese ravioli today and I couldn’t eat it… enough said.

Okay okay I have to confess that I CAVED today and ate a caramel apple at the LA County Fair because I had never eaten one before and my friends convinced me too. So as punishment I’m going to extend my veganism by an extra day!

Day 2!


  • banahnah
  • dried apricots

The dining hall near my dorm is closed on Friday for some stupid reason so I always end up eating the fruit that I’ve scavenged during the week… waking up earlier to walk to the other dining hall is clearly not an option.


  • tortilla chips w/ guacamole and salsa
  • roasted rosemary potatoes
  • steamed broccoli
  • mashed sweet potatoes
  • spinach salad w/ mushrooms and tofu
  • horchata!!!

We went to Scripps for lunch today and it was pretty easy to find vegan options there. Mashed sweet potatoes are oh so good. And the horchata too mmmmm.


  • pizza w/ spinach, mushrooms, and pineapple
  • spinach salad w/ cucumbers, corn, and tofu

Dinner at Mudd for pizza night! I had to opt out of cheese but it was still really good without it. Spinach salad as per usual… I’m basically consuming the same vegetables every meal.

Day 1: Dinner
On my plate:
Vietnamese spring rolls
Free dinner provided by the Asian American Resource Center! I was surprised that they actually had vegan options so props to them. Samosas are soooo good I don’t know why I don’t eat these more often. There was also spam musubi that looked very tempting but I resisted. AAANNNDD the In N Out food truck came today but alas, I just had to start my vegan diet today…
Day 1 complete! (I’ll probably compile all my meals into one post for each day starting tomorrow.)
Omfg I just realized I’m going to the LA County Fair on Saturday and chances are I wont be finding any deep fried vegan shit for dinner.
Day 1: Lunch
On my plate:
honey dijon garden burger
onion rings
spinach salad with tabbouleh
vegan raspberry turnover
Pretty manageable. The vegan burger was surprisingly good (I guess honey dijon doesn’t actually contain any real honey…) and I was so glad there was a vegan dessert option. I guess icing doesn’t contain any real butter or eggs either! I usually get a bowl of spinach salad on a regular basis anyway but I didn’t add my usual hard boiled egg and feta cheese. Traded out ranch dressing for balsamic vinaigrette too.
Day 1: Breakfast
Woohoo how exciting, I’m feeling pretty pumped going into this. On my plate:
cubed potatoes
tofu scramble
cinnamon raisin bread w/ vegan cream cheese
fruit fruit FRUIITTTT (watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, honeydew, blueberries, grapes, mandarin orange slices)
Not too bad for the first meal - everything was pretty tasty. Being vegan definitely lessens the time I spend wondering about what to eat lol. Although I did spend copious amounts of time looking through all the nutrition facts for the breads… surprisingly cinnamon raisin had no traces of animal products.
Right off the bat I know that breakfast is going to be the hardest meal. I usually get a breakfast smoothie that is made with milk, and strawberry yogurt… also made with milk… and some combination of eggs and pancakes/waffles/french toast. QQ And looking at the dessert counter is always the worst because everything looks so good sigh.